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Whenever i see the post like your's i feel that there are still helpful people who share information for the help of others, it must be helpful for other's. thanx and good job.

Looks a nice post which having lots of information for blog readers.

Jellyfish---free for the top five
Jellyfish is a game with beautiful and cute jellyfish. Do you ever remember jellyfish are game prey in cartoon Spongebob Squarepants?Now, click the link and you are the game prey, Relax yourself and eliminate as many as jellyfish as you can.

-- Jellyfish,eight kinds of color
--Three different game modes
Quest mode (in 1 to 25 level,the boundary condition is reaching the top level in setting time)
Time mode ( i.e scores get from eliminating jellyfish in setting time )
One-hunderd mode(the boundary condition is eliminting any kind of color jellyfish to 100)
--Ranking, three modes independent
--Save and store each score (Quite directly if you don’t satisfied with the score,then rejoin and you can start from where you are stopped)
--Optimized game code
If you need download code for free, please email to [email protected], the top five lucky guys can get it.

The man who has made up his mind to win will never say "impossible ".Do you think so?

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